The "Jury-Rigged BJP Tools" are a modified version of Bengt Jardrup's Quake BSP Compiler suite,
with added support for Detail-Brushes, Hint-Brushes, the BSP2 format, among other things.

The most recent Stable and Test Builds can be downloaded below.

If you have any problems and/or feedback, please refer to the readme file for contact information.


This project is currently on hold.

Since it was released, the community response can only be described as "happily ignored".
There was next to no feedback, even though some people initially promised to take a look.
What instead often followed were underhanded snarky remarks on messageboards about encountered problems which had never been reported, hence making it very hard to actually track down and fix them.

Only after a while arrived some feedback by very few people, which still helped a lot
in identifying and fixing problems, some of which not actually stemming from newly introduced features.
This has largely ceased now, even though they knew how feedback-starved this project really was.

Granted, the release-time and feature collision with a well-known toolset likely plays a large role in this.
Work on a lot of features had already been going for a while, most of them lighting related but not moved over to the final codebase yet.
The sudden release of the other toolset pretty much forced a quick release of what was in the main codebase so far, although due to the fact that this was never meant to be a competition project, it was mostly just a test-balloon at that point.

As expected, interest was pretty much nonexistant, and a lot of side-taking and strange propaganda followed,
making it clear that favouritism is still very predominant in this community, and probably always will be.
Only Map Projects seem to be considered for fair treatment as far as feedback is concerned.
If people think it is necessary to put up walls, it makes you wonder where the word "community" fits in, and if what's on the other side was ever really worth caring about.

Initially there were plans to add a lot more features, but why improve something for people who need to feel someone "worthy" enough is making the offering.

Another reason is that the development environment has become too inherently hostile for a while now.
The officially declared "Winners" ( largely by people who don't much care about fair assessment ) started to cherry-pick useful features off, a process that once started, rarely can be expected to stop.
There's a limit to watching something you once had high hopes for barely live and ultimately be picked clean.

Anyway, i'm sure this paragraph will make some people real happy.



All of this has since been ridiculed, but that was not surprising given the core character of this community.
The original idea was to improve tools for people i once mistakenly cared about, in an environment i had foolishly believed to have changed for the better over the years.
It had not.

I have known the Quake community for a very long time as one of the most toxic and narcissistic creative communities.
For a moment in time things appeared to have improved, but it turned out to be little more than naive wishful thinking.

Between all it's newfound glory, hyperdetailed maps and "god mappers" still sits the same deep prideful arrogance and highly toxic nature that has most likely been there since the very beginning.
It is a cold and self-obsessed place.
The Loud and the Proud do very well in such an environment, as it is in many ways a perfect honeypot for narcissistic tendencies - the resulting culture has been more than proof.
Bullying, ostracism, elitism and abuse are just a few things that have always been very real there and attempts at countering them almost nonexistant. You don't talk about abuse club.
Even people who very much tried to improve things for everyone have been treated in ways which made them leave in the end.
It was always worth a laugh for someone, somewhere.
Real empathy is the last thing that can be expected to manifest itself in this environment.

Even, or maybe especially, when you find yourself in a crushing situation there will be no shortage of additional abuse following.
Empathy is an alien concept here, and no matter if you try to help people with their goals, be it making a new editor or giant hyperdetailed maps .. programmers and mappers alike, they will all look for and find fantastic reasons to treat you inhumanely.
The hype is all that counts.
It is very much cool to be cold in this community.
The people who might tell you otherwise most likely have not been in the community for more than 5 years ( as of 2018 ), or may be trying to sugarcoat or obscure the cruelty that they themselves have knowingly and happily been a part of.
Since the game and subsequently the community has shifted back more into the public focus, there have been many attempts at making it appear like a veritable happy place. At least on a superficial level, and superficiality is what you will find no shortage of.

Interestingly, the most casual narcissistic abuse usually came from people with "big names" in the community.
More often than not, these were people who were luckier than most in many ways - even from an early age - but instead of being thankful and acting the part, it only fattened their already immense arrogance.
They themselves most likely never had to deal with the same toxicity they exuded, but still somehow thought it necessary to act like brutal narcissistic gatekeepers - their word being gospel.
Since they have been allowed to shape the cold culture of this community for many years, it only attracted more people who share many of the same narcissistic traits, knowing they will feel right at home.
They care about one thing only : to "shine" and consequently open up easy sources of narcissistic supply for themselves.
No interest in treating others like human beings - that would be too boring, too uncool.
The easy and fast way to "fame" is much more seductive.
Ironically, the ones who had it far easier than many who came before them ( who had to make do with simpler tools, less resources and more constraints ) also ended up quickly becoming some of the loudest and most arrogant.
Maybe helping people who have no frame of reference or take everything for granted is the wrong thing to do after all ..

In such an environment, once you find yourself in a situation that requires simple understanding or basic empathy, you will realize that human coldness is not limited by absolute zero.

Maybe i will write a more detailed post about all of this at some point.